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Vegan Tattoo Artist Bristol

Tengu Tattoo is pleased to be able offer vegan and eco friendly products both during & after the tattoo process. 
We're very excited to be listed on Happy Cow.

Below is a list of products we use at the studio:
Underdog Tattoo for:
Stencil fluid

Yayo for:
Tattoo process Soap, Tattoo process Balm and
we sell both Aftercare Soap, Balm & Adhesive Healing Wrap.
Butterluxe for:
Tattoo process soap, Aftercare Balms and Medical Cleaners

Eternal, Panthera, World Famous & Dynamic Tattoo Ink

We highly recommend Yayo, Butterluxe or El Gato Negro for:
Tattoo healing balms & soap.
Also Yayo for Adhesive 'Second Skin'

We happily use
Green House Tattoo Supplies for:
Eco friendly Ink caps,

Tattoo Everything Supplies for Clip-cord covers, Power-supply and Bottle Covers, Cups and the plethora of other supplies required for safe and professional tattooing, all eco and vegan.

Eco Tattoo Pro for Tattoo Work Station and Bed Covers,

Butterluxe - for Process Butter, Aftercare and Medical Grade Cleaners.

We buy a lot of products we use at the studio from a Ethical Superstore and a fantastic local Health Food shop, Wild Oats.
Eco-friendly and Vegan items such as degradable bin bags, washing up liquid, hand soaps and multi-purpose cleaner (for kitchen & bathroom) which are also vegan.
James loves and would highly recommend Wild Oats vegan, almond croissants. Hannya loves their range of herbal teas, holistic medicines and anything Chocolate, Vegan obviously.  

Do you use Vegan Inks?
Happily this is an ever growingly common question to be asked. the answer by almost every professional tattooist will be 'yes' as most regulated inks on the market are in fact vegan.

BUT. . . this doesn't mean that all the products they're using are vegan. 
Which is why we use/stock as much vegan and eco conscious products as we can.

It's important to underst
and that 9 times out of 10 
'Do you use Vegan inks?' often means, I'm Vegan and would really like the whole process and products to be cruelty free (Vegan).

So, what makes products vegan?
It's not just about 'not containing animal products' vegan friendly' is also whether any of the ingredients used in the product have been tested on animals.
so products like dettol, vaseline some soaps are not vegan friendly

All of the aftercare items can be purchased in the studio or on-line. Just click on the product to find out more.

Tengu Tattoo Bristol
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