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Hannya Jayne


Hannya Jayne Tattoo Artist Tengu Bristol

Hannya has been tattooing full time in studios since 2010
The first tattoo she made was 17 years ago.

"My work is best described as bold & unapologetic."

Hannya spent the first 5 years of tattooing in a busy walk-in studio. 
From then on working in predominantly appointment only studios she was able to work on custom designs focusing on her signature illustrative style.

"I absolutely love tattooing brushstroke/illustrative mandalas.
This style came into being from combining my love of geometric designs and my brushstroke/illustrative style of tattooing".

Pronouns: She/Her

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Hannya specialises in Illustrative/Sketchy and Realism tattoos, working in both Black & Grey and Colour.

Hannya's unique style of tattooing is most notable in her approach to Mandalas. You can also see examples of her Black-out & Hand-poke tattooing.

 "Alongside Tattooing, I have a passion for Shamanism. I'm beginning on the journey of combining my passions with my tattooing. I hope this to be a fulfilling and healing experience for both customer & for myself"

Tengu Tattoo Bristol
Tengu Tattoo Bristol
Tengu Tattoo Bristol
Tengu Tattoo Bristol

Handpoke Tattooing

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Tengu Tattoo Bristol
Hannya Jayne Tengu Tattoo Bristol
Hannya Jayne Tengu Tattoo Studio Bristol
Hannya Jayne Tattoo Tengu Tattoo Studio Bristol
Tengu Tattoo Bristol
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