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Scarlett - Ink Dot Dot


Scarlett Hand Poke Tattoo Artist Tengu Tattoo Studio Bristol

Scarlett is a handpoke artist, which means she doesn’t use a machine for any of her work.  All her tattoos are done by hand, one dot at a time.


Scarlett "loves dotwork, geometric patterns, all things nature inspired and any kind of weird historic illustration."


She enjoys working with clients to make their ideas a reality and strives to make each piece both delicate and bold. 


Before tattooing, Scarlett trained and worked as both a sculpture conservator and an ecologist, so she loves doing tattoos for nature geeks or anyone who appreciates old metalworking tools!


Handpoking is generally slower than machine tattooing, it also heals very quickly and most people find it much less painful.  It’s well suited to delicate areas of skin and Scarlett especially enjoys tattooing ears and palms.

Pronouns: She/Her

Outside of tattooing, Scarlett is a drag king Morris dancer with Mollynomates and a spoken word performer. 

You can find her zines HERE

Tengu Tattoo Studio Bristol
Tengu Tattoo Studio Bristol
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Scarlett Hand Poke Tattoo Artist Tengu T
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Tengu Tattoo Studio Bristol
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